New Gravity Font makes Reading Easier for Dyslexic People

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New Gravity Font makes Reading Easier for Dyslexic People


Nobody would have forgotten Amir Khan’s film ‘Taare Zameen Pe’ which was about a kid facing issues in studying due to ‘Dyslexia’. A new gravity font has been created by a US based mobile app developer for preventing the letters from flipping and swapping in the minds of dyslexic readers. 

This development was published by BBC News which stated that new font is designed in such a way to prevent user’s brain from perceiving it as re-arranged. The font is named ‘OpenDyslexic’ and was created and developed by a New Hampshire based designer and developer Abelardo Gonzalez. 

Abelardo Gonzalez said that the brain of dyslexic people sometimes do strange things while interpreting letters and the new font has been designed for preventing some of these things from happening. 

He stated the letters will have heavy weighted bottoms for adding a sort of gravity towards each letter. This in turn will prevent the brain from rotating them thereby avoiding the chances of the same letter being perceived as another one. He stated that the lines in the text are reinforced with consistently weighted bottoms. He believes that the unique shape of the letters will play a vital role in the prevention of flipping and swapping. 

Gonzalez earlier had previously released OpenWeb, which is a free web browser based on the font. He was found stating to BBC, “I had seen similar fonts, but at the time they were completely unaffordable and so impractical as far as costs go.” 

He added that the reason for introducing the open source web browser was the requirements of people who are facing the condition of dyslexia. Such people would also like have a normal browsing experience. He also said that everyone can contribute to the open source web browser and help towards the progress of the browser. 

Gonzalez stated the initial response for the font to be overwhelming. He mentioned about receiving e-mails from people having dyslexia saying that they were able to read the text without any wiggles for the first time ever.

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