New iPad takes a long time to charge

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New iPad takes a long time to charge

One of Apple's greatest achievements is maintaining the same battery life in the new iPad. This is despite of the presence of 4G LTE that will drain the battery. The company has somehow managed to squeeze in a huge battery into the thin tablet. This huge battery has higher capacity that requires more charging time.

DisplayMate is a portal for evaluation and calibration of displays. The creator of DisplayMate, Dr. Reymond Soneira claims that the tablet does not stop charging even when the battery indicator shows 100%. So, to make full charge, you have to leave the tablet connected to the charger almost an hour after the 100% indication.

He has measured the power drawn by the AC adapter. It was found that new iPad charges for 1 hour after the 100% battery indication. If the charger is removed after the indication, it will affect the battery run time. This is not only with the new iPad but also with other tablets and smartphones. All the devices require more charging even after the screen indication.

Apple as well as the reports claim that the tablet has 10 hours of battery life. But the battery life depends on the usage. Lowering the brightness and watching videos locally without the 3G and 4G networks will help in saving the power consumption.

The company recommends users to charge the tablet from zero to 100% once a month. This will keep the battery in good condition. Therefore, the idea of plugging in the charger for an hour more than the 100% battery indication is a good idea.

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