New laser a Game Changer for Future Technology

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A new laser developed at Yale University can significantly improve the imaging quality of the next generation of high-tech microscopes, laser projectors and biomedical imaging.

The technology combines the brightness of traditional lasers with the lower image corruption of light emitting diodes (LEDs).

"This 'chaotic cavity' laser is a great example of basic research ultimately leading to a potentially important invention for the social good," said A. Douglas Stone, the Carl A. Morse Professor and chair of applied physics at Yale.

New laser a Game Changer for Future Technology

The search for better light sources for high-speed, full-field imaging applications has been the focus of intense experimentation and research in recent years.

But scientists the world over face a problem known as "speckle".

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Speckle is a random, grainy pattern caused by high spatial coherence that can corrupt the formation of images when traditional lasers are used.

The new, electrically pumped semiconductor laser offers a different approach.

It produces an intense emission but with low spatial coherence. "It is tremendously rewarding to work with a team of colleagues to develop speckle-free lasers. It also is exciting to think about the new kinds of clinical diagnostics we can develop," added co-author and assistant professor Michael A. Choma.

The new laser is described in a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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