New Mobile Phones to have radiation emission measure in future

Posted By: Rahul


New Mobile Phones to have radiation emission measure in future

To combat the ever growing problem of mobile phone radiation emission, the Government Of Delhi has ordered all the mobile phone manufacturers to sell their mobile phone handsets incorporated with an emission tag.

This novel initiative has been initiated jointly by Indian Council Of Medical Research, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the W.H.O.

According to this law, mobile phone towers will be constrained in and around Delhi which ensures that the radiation emission from these mobile towers are comparitively less. A study undertaken in Delhi throws some light on the mobile signal emission rate, according to it the Specific Absorption Rate for mobile phones is lesser than 1.6 watts per kilogram over a mass of 1 gram of human cells(tissues) over a time period of 6 mins.

This trend is surely alarming and has to be reduced so as to protect the environment from hazards and irreplacable damage. This in turn leads to the safety of the people not only staying in and around mobile towers but throughout the city as well.

This novel trends will beimplemented shortly by other State Governments as well. Thus, this united apprach would lead to a cleaner, greener environment and safer species.

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