New system shuts down mobile phones while driving

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New system shuts down mobile phones while driving

Scientists have now developed a new system that can effectively shut down the mobile phones of those who are driving in order to prevent them from making use of the phone while they are driving thereby ensuring the safety of the driver as well as those in the vehicle.

A set of researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology and Rutgers in New Jersey created a system that makes use of the Bluetooth connection of a phone and the speakers in the vehicle to find out if the driver of the vehicle is using the mobile phone while driving.

This new system will measure the acoustic signals that are emitted from the stereo and also the proximity of the phone from the Bluetooth receiver., thereby pinging on both these systems in order to effectively find out where the phone is operated.

The system measures the distance between the speakers of the vehicle and the phone and then estimates the distance from the center of the car and finds out if the phone is with the driver or with the passenger about 95 percent of the time accurately. Once it determines the ownership, it can decide if it has to lock the services of the phone.

A team of researchers led by the doctors Richard Martinis, Marco Gruteser and Chen Stevens created the system and it is designed to enable only the passengers to use the mobile phones while the vehicle is moving.

There are certain problems that this system has to overcome like the amount of the wind, the road condition and the background interfering noise associated with the acoustic signals and the lack of the Bluetooth connectivity feature in the vehicles.

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