New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

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New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

There are many new technologies unleashing themselves at the CES 2012 that started yesterday at Las Vegas. Some of these technologies are really mind blowing and they catch out attention immediately. These technologies include the waterproof coating for smartphones, social networks to warn the drivers about the speed traps by police and the diet-aiding armbands.

Let us take a look at some of these technologies appearing at CES.

Cooking Tablet

New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

A French company, Qooq has designed a new tablet for kitchen. It is a Linux based tablet that is splash proof and it is held above the ground level by the feet that makes the spilled liquids to go underneath. It can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius.

The users who have subscribed by paying the fee can access the library of the recipes by the French chefs. This device is also available at France and the company has come to CES to launch the English version which will be released in September.

Chinese Ultrabooks

New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

The CEA, organizer of CES hopes that over 50 tablets will be launched this week to benefit from the fast growing market. Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer makes use of this event to unveil the ThinkPad T430u, a commercial grade business class ultrabook.

This computer has a 14 inch display with the additional NVIDIA graphics card and a large 1TB hard disk space. This is in contrast with the designs of the rivals as they all have lower graphics specs and low capacity. This model will be released in the later half of this year.

3D printing app

New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

The CES is not a show only for the computers and smartphones. More and more technologies mix the smartphone apps with the other existing ones. Sculpteo has announced a new app which is first of its kind. This app can convert the face of a person into a three dimensional printed object.

The software makes use of ceramic objects like vases as per the shape of the face to create the three dimensional effect. In case the users want to buy this object, the company will manufacture and deliver it to the person.

Speed Trap Alert

New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

A new social network, Escort Live seems to be more practical. This app communicates with the existing detectors of the Escorts in order to record the sites where the speed cameras are place and also the presence of officers with radar equipment to the users via Bluetooth.

There alerts are transmitted to cloud and then shared with the subscribers as a warning about the speed traps. Right now, this system is launched in US alone and it will soon be expanded into the Western European markets.

Waterproof Coating

New technologies unleashing at CES 2012

One of the exciting exhibitors of CES 2012 is Liquipel, a company based at California. This company has developed a nano-coating that makes the electronic devices waterproof. This coating is normally applied to the interior as well as exterior of the devices and is invisible to the human eye. The developers claim that it already tested to protect the devices under 1 meter water for about half an hour.

The company claims that it is the only one to do this after market. If it has to be done for an already existing device then the users have no other choice than contacting this company. This firm has competitions from another firm, HzO with the similar process.

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