New Technology Allows Users To Move Photos Between Screens By Touch

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A team of researches from the Technical Research Centre of Finland have now developed an innovative InTouch technology that makes transferring files between different gadgets easier.

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New Technology Allows Users To Move Photos Between Screens By Touch

The technology allows users to use a ring, nail or wristband. These objects will act as a user interface object and allow them to share files directly from one screen to another simply by touch. So how does this work? The interface allows you to simply touch a file on one screen using a nail, and then transfer it easily by tapping another touch screen device with the same nail. The solution allows you to send, share and receive files with great ease.

Analysts believe that the new technology will change the way we people use tablets. It is even paving way for certain advancements in the advertising field, allowing people to interact with ads and commercial spaces in new, revolutionary ways.

Until now, data transfer has been handled by technology such as Infrared, Bluetooth, Memory Sticks and Cloud sharing. All of them trace their working back to traditional devices and operation methods. However, VTT's InTouch technology has gone beyond these methods to open up some new technological possibilities and avenues. It has the potential to be applied in everything including digital devices, cars, logistics and health care. The patent for the technology is pending. There is no information on how the technology works, but you can check out a video here.
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