New technology helps in converting seaweed into fuel

Posted By: Rahul

A new technology has been developed through which seaweed can be converted into useable fuel. Yes, this has been made possible by a group of Indian Scientists, using this technique renewable fuels can be obtained(manufactured) and is also cost effective.

The seaweed is degraded by a genetically engineered enzyme and carbohydrates are extracted. Then the sugars present in the carbohydrates are used as feedstock for fuel production. Thus, this technology is the best way to produce bio-fuels.

This breakthrough technology is ideal for commercial fuel production as well. If implemented across the world, then the fuel scarcity can be minimized to a great extent. In many parts of the world, seaweed is grown exclusively for biofuel production.

According to experts, this technology will soon replace automobile fuels as well thus paving the way for a bio-fuel revolution.

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