New technology updates online data automatically

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New technology updates online data automatically

The most famous websites like Tripadvisor and Wikipedia rely on the public participation to build up their consortium of information through a process that is called crowd data sourcing. This type of collective intelligence is quite valuable but the filtering of the offensive and inaccurate content from these websites is quite expensive.

A professor of Blavatnik School of Computer Science of Tel Aviv University, Tova Milo has now developed a latest technology that is capable of evaluation the online data automatically. It can check the online content of encyclopedia and alert the moderators about the potential offensive content present in it thereby saving the valuable time as well as improving the information quality.

The Amazon, a book-selling website already has such kind of data to offer book lists and reviews and the new sites usually allow crowd source responses and comments to these articles. The websites are becoming more and more

As per Milo, every day the existing information is updated as well as new ones arrive. It is quite difficult to maintain all these. The staffs are usually asked to sort across the information available in these websites and determine if there is some sort of inappropriate content in the website. The database technology created by Milo can actually change this and thereby assure the efficient usage of crowd.

This technology is like asking the right questions to the right people claims Milo. This technology will make use of the human input in a limited and selective manner and obtain excellent quality results and also be profitable for the websites as their precious time and money spent on controlling the content will be saved effectively.

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