Nexus 4: Google Wireless Charging Orb Inspired by Palm’s Touchstone

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Nexus 4: Google Wireless Charging Orb Inspired by Palm’s Touchstone

One of the most talked about features in the new Nexus 4 smartphone is the support for wireless charging. Google is releasing a charger named Wireless Charging Orb for providing users with wireless charging functionality. The device is shaped like a sphere sliced crosswise. It also has striking resemblance to Palm’s Touchstone. The face of the dock is placed at an angle so that it is convenient to watch the phone screen while charging.

The device is finished with soft touch plastic to ensure that it won’t affect the glass back of Nexus 4. Google has informed that it will be using Qi wireless charging standard. This will make the charging pads designed for Nokia’s Lumia phones compatible with Nexus 4. 

Google’s Wireless Charging Orb has taken inspiration from Touchstone in other ways too. Just like Palm pre phones, the phone sits at an angle on the dock. Both the dock and Nexus 4 has magnets inside them just like the Palm pre phones and its dock. Users can orient the phone in either portrait or landscape mode. 

An Android 4.2 feature called “Daydream” which is present in the Palm phones has been borrowed by Google in its Nexus 4 phone. This feature allows users to display photos on the phone, display news from Google currents and other information when the phone is placed on the dock. The same feature was previously found on Web OS. The feature was named Exhibition in Web OS. 

Nexus 4 will bring all these capabilities to its offerings and will be more functional when it is being charged. Google has not released any information regarding the price of the dock or the releasing date as of now. Hopefully announcements regarding the dock will arrive in November.

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