No Apple iTunes Store for India

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No Apple iTunes Store for India

Apple announced that it will be extending the iTunes Store to 12 countries in Asia. Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be getting the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is not to be confused with the App Store of the Cupertino based firm.

The App Store has the iOS applications and features movies and music from the leading artists. The App Store is available in over 155 countries across the world while the iTunes Store accounts to a smaller number.

As the announcement of opening the iTunes Store for smaller markets like Sri Lanka, Macau and Laos came in people were eagerly waiting for one to hit the Indian shores. But, Apple has left India in disappointment. However, before directing your emotion at Apple, you need to remember that Apple aims to make its presence is many countries. It many be due to the fact that the existing music labels and major studios in the country prefer a different approach.

The countries that are getting the iTunes Store are Malaysia, Macau, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Philippines. The consumers can purchase or rent movies from the store.

Why has Apple left India? Do the Indian users require the option of buying music and video from the iTunes Store? Please share your opinion with us through the comments section below.

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