No Windows 8 tablets from HTC!

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No Windows 8 tablets from HTC!

Last year, there were rumors stating that HTC is prepping a Windows 8 tablet. Now, it seems like that may not happen as the relationship between Microsoft and HTC has turned sour. Consequently, HTC will not get the access to the Windows software for the tablets. As per Bloomberg, HTC is no more a preferred hardware partner for the Windows tablets.

The official story as per Microsoft seems to state that HTC has not got the required experience to build, market and sell the tablets for Microsoft to gain  confidence on the brand. The sales of the manufacturer has been disappointing as the models like Jetstream and Flyer were reasonably built but were overpriced. This is one of the reasons for Microsoft to choose Samsung, Acer, Asus and HP to make the Windows tablets.

The other reason that could have barred HTC from this partnership is that the engineers at HTC have been striving hard to make a customized homescreen on the Windows 8 RT tablet. Their main focus was to differentiate them from the competition. But, Microsoft is not interested in this customization and so HTC was rolled off the list of manufacturers offering early builds of the new version of Windows.

This may be a step down for HTC but being a quality company HTC can prove it with the upcoming Android tablets or with the WP8 smartphones. Perhaps, it can even get back in to the game. However, HTC has no Android tablets to launch in the near future.

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