Nokia Magnetic Tattoos alert you when your phone rings

Posted By: Rahul

Nokia Magnetic Tattoos alert you when your phone rings

Nokia, the worldwide leader in mobile phones has designed magnetic tattoos. This will help control your mobile phones. The Magnetic Tattoos vibrate when there are call alerts for you on your cellphone. The tattoos are present on the human skin. Through this technology, you can control your mobiles effectively.

By getting the magnetized tattoo on the skin, you can even operate  your mobile phones. The tattoo notifies you effectively. You can reject the vibrating alert by just scratching your arm.

The Magnetic Tattoos has been patented by the US. To get the tattoo on to the skin, you will have to undergo a minor surgery. Once the surgical scars heal, then this technology becomes operational & will continue to operate throughout your life. The tattoo senses the human pulses & will work in tandem to alert you for messages, emails & even warnings.

The tattoo has a permanent link & this link to the human skin doesn't cause any damage to the system, say officials at Nokia. So, it is completely safe to use.


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