Nokia not planning to launch an Android Phone

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Nokia not planning to launch an Android Phone
There were rumors in the air regarding Nokia working on Android phones as an ad appeared in LinkedIn calling for Engineers to work in Embedded Linux middleware. However, Nokia has officially clarified that they are not working on Android phones at this moment and the ad has also been removed from LinkedIn. Nokia has made it also clear that they are only working on their native maps app, Here for Android.

Embedded Linux is core to Android OS and that is the reason why many assumed that Nokia is starting to work on Android phones when they called for Linux engineers. It may be recalled that Nokia is now bringing out more Windows based phones and Linux is not a component to it. This fact too made people guessing on a likely marriage of Nokia and Android OS. Experts believe that Nokia may not think about switching to any other OS than Windows for the time being as it would be a costly exercise and Nokia is not in a position to take any such bigger financial commitments.

Nokia has officially declined on the possibility of working on Android phones. Mr. Doug Dawson, Media Relations guy from Nokia tweeted ""Our recently posted job is linked to our HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android." They have made it clear that their only Android association is with respect to the development of Nokia Here maps for Android app.

It was reported earlier that Nokia is already working on Android version of its Here Maps app and they are planning to send the SDK soon to OEM's of Android devices to integrate their native maps app. Nokia had released their iOS version of Here maps app some time back (Read the news in Gizbot).  Nokia Here is expected to give more unique features like public transport information and turn by turn navigation.

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