Nokia will resolve power efficiency problem in Lumia 800 with two updates

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Nokia will resolve power efficiency problem in Lumia 800 with two updates

Nokia authorities have responded to the problems related to battery efficiency in Nokia Lumia 800. The report came earlier this week in UK, when some of the user reported that the battery charge seems to drain out very fast even when it was fully charged.

Now, the global mobile manufacturer has responded on the issue. According to Nokia authorities; they have underwent an investigation on the issue and could find out that most of the early users of Nokia Lumia is happy with the performance of the phone. They also confirmed that they could not identify any root cause.

However authorities stated that that they will come up with two updates for improving the battery efficiency instead. There will be an update in the month of December this year as well as there will be an update by the beginning of next year; which is expected to be by January, most probably.

The first update which is to happen in coming weeks is mainly to optimize the phone for ensuring better battery efficiency. Whereas the next update to be held in January will be aiming to allow rapid charging.

This will help the battery to be charged fully to the maximum capacity of a 1450 mAh battery type. At present the battery is with the capacity of 1300 mAh type and it is expected that with the update the battery can perform far above.

The company also added that individual problems cannot be considered and it is recommended for someone having issue to approach the local Nokia care representative for better assistance.

Since, there could not spot any major issues in the investigation; it is confirmed that Nokia will be heading ahead with the scheduled updates. And according to the company the updates will obviously resolve the battery issues, if any.

Well, Nokia Lumia is yet to be released in many places across the globe. As if now it is only available in some places.

The full fledged retail sales are yet to be done and thus the earlier reports on the battery issue could be a threat for the business of Nokia Lumia. However, Nokia is in confident and sure that with the scheduled updates there will not be any more issues on the battery efficiency.

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