Norton Announces Norton 360 Multi Device in India, Protection For Windows 8, Social Networking

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Norton Announces Norton 360 Multi Device in India, Protection For Windows 8, Social Networking

Norton from Symantec has released upgraded versions of its core security products, Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti Virus. Both the upgraded versions are compatible with Windows 8 and are optimized for efficient performance and simple use. The product line up is further embellished by Norton 360 Multi-device which is a comprehensive security solution which provides security across various platforms and devices.

Norton 360 Multi-device will benefit those users who have multiple devices and are looking for unified security solutions. Norton 360 Multi-device is capable of providing protection to Windows based PCs, Macs and Android based tablets and smartphones. It also provides a mammoth 25 GB of online backup. A single key is all it takes to activate protection on all devices. 

Norton 360 Multi-device has a cloud based console which allows consumers to take control of the security of their devices using Internet irrespective of location and time. The Multi device comes across as an effective solution which allows users to transfer protection from one device to another while meeting their changing needs. Norton 360 Multi-device has five patented layers of protection and comes along with better social networking defense and anti scam capabilities. 

Norton 360 Multi-device and the other two security upgrades were tested with Windows 8 platform and were found to provide better protection compared to Windows Defender. Windows 8 was found to work 50% faster with Norton products compared to its performance with Windows Defender. Norton products were also found to have successfully identified and blocked certain threats which were not traced by Windows Defender.

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