Notices sent to Google India and Yahoo India

Posted By: Rahul

Notices sent to Google India and Yahoo India

According to reports, the Indian units of Yahoo & Google have received notices as they have been suspected to have violated the Forex laws in India. A senior official at the Indian finance federal ministry confirmed the sending of the notices to Yahoo & Google India.

However a spokesman of Google India claimed that no notices were received by the company & declined to comment on the issue. The Indian Finance Federal Ministry is said to have sent the notice as Yahoo India & Google India have reportedly diverted from the formulated laws & have resorted to committing violations in the foreign exchange transactions.

This comes as a big blow to both the I.T. Giants who are already reeling under severe pressure & criticism from various quarters. Thus, we can say that there are tough times ahead for Yahoo India as well as Google India. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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