Now a software which converts your spoken English into 26 languages

Posted By: Rahul

Now a software which converts your spoken English into 26 languages

Microsoft, the world's leading I.T. Manufacturer is at it again. This time it is the Software that converts the English you speak into 26 different languages. This is termed as the “Universal Translator”  This is sure to serve as a boon to people who prefer to work in their own language. Universal Translator also brings technology more closer to people & thereby enriches their lives.

This speech recognition software can also speak to you in your own language. The software recognizes the English words that you speak & by using built-in algorithms translates these words into words in 26 different languages. Foreigners can derive maximum benefit out of this, say Scientists at Microsoft. This will enable them to speak easily with the local people & thereby establish efficient communication & interaction.

The software program can be installed even in smartphones & can be used by tourists. The scientists also go on to state that the Speech recognition software could also aid in effective navigation. When installed on various gadgets, the program takes approximately 1hr to get used to your voice for the first time. Then it works by comparing the various words that it records & carries out the translation.

You get the translation in 26 major languages of the world. If you do not prefer English or if you have to speak in a different language when in another place, then the Universal Translator is the best option. Use this & easily familiarize with people in foreign countries as well.

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