Now Apple gadgets to incorporate Braille display

Posted By: Rahul

Now Apple gadgets to incorporate Braille display

Good news for the visually impaired as Apple, the I.T. Major is all set to incorporate it's gadgets with a braille display. Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch are already supporting bluetooth wireless displays. This innovation is all set to get better in the future with Apple deciding to bring out gadgets keeping in mind the requirements of the visually impaired.

The Apple iPhone is said to be the most visually impaired friendly gadget around. The Apple iPhone already has and will have a better inbuilt screen reader called VoiceOver which tells the users their activities over the iPhone. This feature also gives users the freedom of downloading a restaurant's menu & even reading it.

The VoiceOver application is surely a revolution as it even allows the visually impaired to access e-mails and perform all activities that normal users perform by converting the text content into braille over a separate display and even reads this information loudly so that the users can hear it & work comfortably.

The separate display can also be used to type & serves as a substitute for the computer keyboard. There are eight thumb-size keys & a spacebar, these keys act as the enter key, backspace key, and the also six dot positions comprising of a braille character. This allows for easy navigation & easy data input.

Apple has even forayed into the manufacture of digital textbooks which is a novel move & is sure to come as a blessing to the visually impaired. This reduces the stress on the visually impaired & also saves a lot of time that people with visual imparity take to read conventional braille textbooks.

Thus, Apple's novel initiative in empowering the visually impaired needs to be appreciated whole-heartedly.

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