Now easily get rid of unwanted calls and sms

Posted By: Rahul

Now easily get rid of unwanted calls and sms

The major issue that mobile phone users are facing across India is the pesky calls & messages that keep troubling users. Even after registering your mobile number with the NCPR(National Customer Preference Register) you continue to receive pesky calls & messages. So what do you do to stop these from bugging you.

Here are few easy methods through which you can get rid of those promotional calls & messages:

Visit the site & make sure that your number is in the NCPR if it is already registered, check the category under which it is there. If it is not registered or doesn't show up in a particular category, register your number newly or change your preference.

There are two categories here namely:

Fully Blocked Category: To fully block promotional messages/calls.

Partially Blocked Category: To selectively block promotional calls/ messages

You can also register via SMS by sending “START" and “STOP” commands along with the respective code numbers to 1909(check out the service providers' website for code numbers).

There is an IVRS helpline number 1909 which also assists you in blocking these pesky calls/messages.

Most of the cellular service providers have the option to block/unblock promotional calls in their own websites. So check your service providers' website.

Thus, by using any of the above, you can get rid of those pesky calls/messages. So try it today.

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