Now more assisstance to the visually impaired

Posted By: Rahul

Now more assisstance to the visually impaired

There is good news for people with impaired vision as a device( a belt based sensor system) named ViSparsh enables them to detect obstacles in their path thus enabling them to walk in a hassle-free manner. This revolutionary gadget comes as a boon to the visually impaired.

This gadget is developed by a team of Indian Engineers and trial runs of the device have been conducted successfully. According to the Engineers, whenever the visually impaired use the ViSparsh and encounter obstacles, the built in sensors determine the distance of the obstacle along with the direction and provide feedback to the users in the form of vibrations. Furthermore, the Engineers modified the Microsoft Kinect and fitted it on the ViSparsh. Through this, motion sensing happens more accurately and intuitively.

The vibrations produced by ViSparsh indicate the users that the obstacle is getting closer and to be careful of the obstacle. This leads to the users effectively judging the direction of the obstacle and thus helps in avoiding conflicts with various obstacles.

The first stage of the ViSparsh development has been completed and work on the second stage has already begun and is expected to be completed soon. According to the World Health Organization(W.H.O) statistics, there are about 285 million people who are visually impaired and 39 million people who are completely blind. The ViSparsh is surely going to offer a ray of hope for the visually impaired and also gives them more freedom to move about in society.

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