Now, Retweet with a Comment of Your Own: Twitter

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Twitter has launched a new feature that allows users to retweet with a comment of their own. "Retweet with comment" allows users to embed a tweet in their own tweets, which lets them get around Twitter's 140-character limit when they write their own commentary.

Now, Retweet with a Comment of Your Own: Twitter

The feature is now available on Twitter's site and iPhone app and will be available on its Android app soon, TechCrunch reported.

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The feature allows people to share and comment on tweets without having to shorten the original tweet, which means that its context and meaning is preserved.

Now, Retweet with a Comment of Your Own: Twitter

People are increasingly using Twitter as their main public communication platform. So users have been devising ways of getting around the 140-characters.

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One popular way of getting around Twitter's "brevity" has been posting screenshots of quotes from articles. Now, with the new "retweet with comment" feature officially launched by Twitter, users have got an "official permission" to give vent to their loquacity.

However, the feature only lets you quote one layer of tweets.

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