Now search for movies quickly using your phone

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Now search for movies quickly using your phone

The developers working for Google are definitely rocking and they are in a pace at throwing one feature after another to the users. Now, they have made a new feature that is quite nifty and cool on their deck. They have made searching for movies a simple task by making it fast and easy to discover the theaters and show-times of the desired movies.

The users need not browse through websites anymore to find out the movies, their show-times and the theaters. All the users have to do is simple use the new feature on Google right from their smartphones. While the users search for the required movies in their favorite theaters on Google from their phone, they will get a list of interactive results in the form of a swipe-able ribbon and the relevant information will be displayed on the top of the corresponding page.


All these advancements are to help the users to browse through the videos that played in the theaters right now quickly and there is absolutely no necessity to wait for a particular page to load or to go back.

In case the users want to learn about some movie, all they have to do is tap on the title of the movie and then find the details like the cast and the review. Users can also view the movie's official trailer and get the tickets for the movie right from their smartphones by simply tapping on the show-times that are underlined. For each movie, users can view the poster of the movie, the short summary, the ratings, the nearby theaters telecasting the movie and the show-times in those theaters.

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