Now Self Guided Bullets to hit targets accurately

Posted By: Rahul

Now Self Guided Bullets to hit targets accurately

Scientists in the U.S have developed a self guiding bullet that has the capacity to guide itself and hit targets even at a distance of 1 mile. Not only this, the “Self Guiding Bullet” can even twist and make sharp turns by itself very quickly. This bullet is developed by Sandia Labs located in the United States Of America.

This “ Self Guiding Bullet” even incorporates a processor and several electronic circuits in it. The bullet is very small in size. The electronic components are embedded with vital technical information that give it the “Self Guiding Property”. The technology used in missiles is implemented here as well.

The bullet can even detect laser beams present on potential targets and can strike these targets at a high velocity. There are inbuilt sensors which send information to electromagnetic actuators using various algorithms. Then, the actuators guide the bullet in the right direction.

The “Self Guiding Bullet” is a boon for the Military as it helps to establish an intuitive battlefield. The technology is going to be made available slowly across various countries to facilitate better identification of potential targets.

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