Now solar cells made of animal blood to tap energy

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In a move to optimise the cost of solar power, researchers of the premier S N Bose Institute of Basic Sciences have come up with an idea to lessen over-dependence on silicon for creation of solar panels.

Now solar cells made of animal blood to tap energy

The research by a group of scientists of the internationally known institute has stumbled upon element of hematoporphyrin, a component in Haemoglobin in animal blood or any other type of blood. The very component aids in creation of solar panels which can in turn tap solar energy, a senior scientist of the institute elaborated about the project financed by the Centre's Science and Technology Department.

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"Our main aim was to find out a component which would help to tap solar energy and would also bring down the cost of solar panels," Samir Kumar Pal, the lead scientist of the project, told PTI adding this project was set off years back. "This component is derived from a blood available from slaughter house.

The solar panels built from these component of blood has the same ability as that of solar panels made from silicone. Rather they can work also under cloudy sky," Pal said. The solar panel or cells are one cm in breath and one cm in width.

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