Now Tech Savy Dustbins to hit the streets of the world

Posted By: Rahul

Now Tech Savy Dustbins to hit the streets of the world

In the age of smartphones, tablets comes tech dustbins. Yes, these dustbins are a reality in some countries of the world and is widely expected to be seen in all the countries of the world in future. These tech-savvy dustbins are incorporated with latest technology such as WI-Fi which allows them to act as WI-Fi hotspots as well.

Not only this, these dustbins also display news and provide stock exchange information through it's LCD display screens. It also displays updates and broadcasts news in the case of emergencies as well. Cool isn't it?. The stock news that are displayed on the dustbin's LCD screens comes from the London Stock Exchange and The Economist newspaper. Thus, these dustbins act as public television sets as well.

These dustbins can be seen in the streets of London and 75 more units of the tech savvy dustbin are expected to be installed before the start of the London Olympics. There are plans of enhancing these dustbins with Touchscreen and the Angry Birds game. This cool innovation is surely a thing to watch out for this season. Call it “Technology contained in dustbins”?.

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