Now your smartphones double up as sleek projectors as well

Posted By: Rahul

Now your smartphones double up as sleek projectors as well

All of us are familiar with the varied uses of mobile phones. If a team of researchers have their way, this is soon going to be a reality. This concept was earlier tested on a mobile phone called Maxx MTP9 but the phone looked ugly and was bulky as well.  The resolution of the projected content also became poor.

Now, the projector phone concept has been reworked upon using new strategies which makes the mobile phones sleek as well as gives good clarity for the projected content.

The team of researchers used a centralized server component to capture the display on the smartphone screen. Then this content is synced with the pictures taken through the phone's camera, this gives the phone's location exactly. Then duplication of images and multimedia content takes place thus projecting your mobile phone's content effectively.

This technology allows for comparison of images from different windows also. In addition to this, you can virtually project your multimedia content on the screen as well. Thus, this technology is surely going to redefine the very concept of mobile phone technology.

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