Pebble Introduces First-Ever Smartwatch App Store for iOS

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Smartwatch company Pebble is looking to go the maximum distance in 2014. According to reports, the company has introduced the first ever app store for Smartwatches for users based on iOS.

The company's app store will now feature apps and watchfaces that have been optimized for Pebble's next-gen watches, a spokeswoman for the company announced on Twitter. Users will now be able to browse and download Pebble apps directly from their smartphones.

Pebble Introduces First-Ever Smartwatch App Store for iOS

The company, which will now look to encourage more and more users to opt for its Smartwatch-based offering via the new app store, attained this new found success when it updated its ecosystem with an upgraded version of its SDK to a number of developers, which made it easier to program different applications for its Smartwatch offering.

"We're extremely proud to announce that the Pebble appstore is now live with over 1000 apps and watchfaces. The appstore is built into the Pebble app on your iOS or Android device, and lets you find, browse and download Pebble apps and watchfaces directly from your smartphone," the official blog states.

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"Pebble's mission is to make products that mesh easily with your life. Until now, Pebble users discovered apps and watchfaces through several awesome third party resources like MyPebbleFaces. The Pebble appstore changes all this by providing a simple one-stop-shop for you to discover, manage, and install apps and watchfaces," it adds.

The company also states that the Pebble appstore is more than "just a centralized location for apps and watchfaces." Pebble is currently taking care of the the app store "to bring you the best apps and watchfaces every day. In addition, the locker stores your favorite apps and watchfaces and provides a quick and easy way to load and unload them from your Pebble."

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As of now, the new Pebble app for iOS which includes the Pebble appstore is now available for download in the iTunes Store.

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