People in India prefer e-mails to social networks

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People in India prefer e-mails to social networks

According to a latest study, internet users in India prefer to use e-mails more than social networking sites for communication. The study states that e-mail is still the most preferred internet medium in comparison to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

The findings of the study serve as a demoralizing blow to social networking sites in India. In an era where people are preferring to use more of social networking, e-mails are still popular among Indians. According to this study, about 68% of Indians reportedly said that they favour communication via e-mails more than sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Experts say that internet usage in India has increased compared to the past year. But social networking usage has seen only a marginal increase. People are in favour of e-mail communication. One good example of this is the fact that employees of various companies in India communicate with their colleagues within the organization using e-mail rather than use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc which is a better  internal communication mechanism.

Indian internet users are among the top e-mail users in the world. This trend is the reverse in countries such as the United States where more number of people use social networking for communicating. Thus, we can say that e-mails are still popular among people in India.

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