Phorce: A Smart Bag to Charge Your iPhones, Galaxy Tabs and All Other Gadgets

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Phorce: A Smart Bag to Charge Your iPhones, Galaxy Tabs and All Other Gadgets

Tired of charging your devices at different plugs points? Trapped in the cobwebs of wires and cables? Well, here's a solution for you. 

A ‘Smart Bag’ considered to be first of its kind is reportedly developed by researchers. The bag has the ability to charge electronic products such as mobiles and laptops. The Smart Bag is named ‘Phorce’. It is a kick starter project which is trying to raise funds for the ongoing project. 

The report which got first published on Mashable revealed that the key feature of the bag includes a waterproof shell along with specially designed pockets for preventing the tablets and other devices safely inside the bag without any damage. 

Smart Bag can also change its shape whenever required with users having the ability to convert it as a shoulder bag, backpack and a suit case. The bag can be paired with smartphones through Bluetooth. It also has another connection that will help users determine the amount of reserved power being packed by them. 

It is also believed to be capable of working as a pseudo-tracking device. It is such a nice feature under the hood which will remove the need of any worry even though user forgets the bag somewhere. This is possible with the bag using a technology in which the phone will remind the user about the bag when they move a few meters away after forgetting to carry the bag with them. 

Users can enjoy carrying gadgets with them inside their bag at the same time having them get charged along. Some of the devices that can be charged using this smart bag include iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. The funding of this kickstarter project will end by December 22, 2012. 

It is going to be an intelligent and stylish carry bag that has been especially designed for attracting technology savvy users. The project has to raise funds goal of $1,50,000 with it already have raised funds of $70,822. It remains to be seen how successful the product would be once it is officially released in the near future.

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