Photo Recognising App suffers British amnesia

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A new app that claims to recognise "almost any photo", however, does not come up with the right answers pertaining to anything British.

Photo Recognising App suffers British amnesia

Recently, researchers at Wolfram|Alpha launched its 'Language Image Identification Project' that claims to identify tens of thousands of objects.

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But when faced with iconic British imagery, the American-built software confused them for parts of the body, household items and even toys, MailOnline reported.

Fair enough, the tool recognised York Minster cathedral was a church and said that the Cutty Sark was a brig and HMS Victory in Portsmouth is simply a "watercraft".

But not all things. When a Tower of London picture was fed into it, the programme failed to name it even as a "tower", despite the fact the Tower of London has a clue in its name.

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Instead, the landmark structure was just called a "house". The Houses of Parliament and a separate image of Big Ben were both classified simply as "towers" -- which many Englishmen may find disparaging.

However, you would expect it to be able to recognise a mountain range, even if it struggled with its particular name. But a snap of North Wales' Snowdonia came out as a "vertebrate". It wasn't the oddest one: the London Eye was listed as a common, and the Angel of the North was simply referred to as a "device".

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