PNY launches Unique Bottle Opener USB Flash Drives

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PNY launches Unique Bottle Opener USB Flash Drives

PNY, a leading storage and DRAM manufacturer has released a range of attractive USB Flash Drives. The new product line comes with a storage capacity ranging from 4GB to 64GB. One of the major attractions of the latest product is its design. The new set of USB Flash Drives features the design of a bottle opener. This is made possible with the metallic body frame designed to handle the stress while using it as a bottle opener. Stainless steel is used to manufacture this USB Flash Drive. 


PNY Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive arrives with a decent set of specifications. The 4GB and 8GB version performs impressively well at 24 MB/s read speed and 8 MB/s write speed. The higher-end 16GB to 64GB models has a reading speed of 32 MB/s and writing speed of 10 MB/sec. The reading speed is absolutely impressive compared to the speed of 10 MB/sec of its earlier products. There are also rumors going around regarding the availability of a USB 3.0 version. 

Rugged Characteristics

The USB Flash Drive has been given the official name of ‘PNY Opener Attache’. The company has announced a 5 year-warranty for all its newly released USB Flash Drives. The USB Flash Drive is especially designed for gadget users who like to be on the go. The product is also designed to be used as a hook that suits well with key rings or backpacks. Other key features of the device include its waterproof and shockproof characteristics, designed to protect the drive from prolonged use. 

Dimensions and Compatibility

PNY Opener Attache is available in dimensions of 50.9 x 16 x 6.2 mm. The USB flash drive is also compatible with almost all versions of Windows and with Mac OS 10.3 and above. There is no information regarding the pricing of PNY Opener Attache USB Flash Drives as of now.

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