Poloroid's New Ink-Free Printer Let's You Directly Print Pictures From Your Smartphone Instantly

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Poloroid's New Ink-Free Printer Let's You Directly Print Pictures From Your Smartphone Instantly

One day, not so long ago, no one had a smartphone, no one even knew what a smartphone was. That day was the era of Polaroid. Back in a simpler time Polaroid cameras used to spit out photos as soon as they were taken, no storage place but just hardcopy's of your most precious moments.

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Now we can see this trend brought back to life with the Socialmatic camera and also the Zip Instant Printer.

Poloroid's New Ink-Free Printer Let's You Print Pictures Instantly

Socialmatic camera

The Socialmatic camera comes with a 14MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera along with a 4.5-inch screen. You will get 4GB of internal memory for your various apps and such and you can upgrade your spece via the microSD slot. Like we said, Polaroid is bringing back the trend and by this we mean the Socialmatic can print 2x3 size photos. The hard picture will not be as big as the conventional Polaroid photos but thats a good thing. The small photos can fit in your wallet or purse and won't take up too much space.

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Zip mobile printer

Polaroid knows that not everyone wants to carry around a seperate camera from the one on your smartphone and thats where the Zip mobile printer comes in. This device will pair wirelessly to your device (both Android and iOS) through a companion app. After pairing with the printer you can choose your image and print out 2x3 photos.

The Zip Instant Mobile Printer uses technology developed by ZINK Imaging and should be able to spit out 25 images per charge. We'll get to see how it works when it comes to market this spring for $129.99.

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