Potential flops that will be made public in CES

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Potential flops that will be made public in CES

Some of the potential flop will be publicized or advertized this week at the CES conducted in Las Vegas are discussed in this article. Continue reading to know more about them.

Windows 8

Though this new operating system is a very important product of the year, the launch of it in the later half will make the PC and the tablet manufacturers who wait for the CES boost wait for long. Windows 8 platform has the attributes that will be excellent for the tablets but the experts believe that the company has lost before Apple.


The ultrabooks are the Windows versions of the Apple's MacBook Air which is light and thin but highly expensive. However, the expectations for the ultrabooks are quite modest.

Inexpensive Tablets

Many tablet manufacturers have failed last year to catch the wave of iPad that costs around $500 but some of them will catch up with the wave of Kindle Fire this year. The profit margins of both are quite tiny for the price.

TV makers

The television makers will speak about the internet connectivity enabled sets but these are not new. There will be smart TVs that can respond to the spoken commands and gestures but they wont be smart till the set-top boxes are smart as they have to abandon the remotes.

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