Prepaid mobile recharges stopped in Kashmir

Posted By: Rahul

Prepaid mobile recharges stopped in Kashmir

The most shocking news to have ever come out, prepaid mobile phone customers are hit by the sudden halt in the Prepaid account recharge This has led to people venting out their ire on the cellphone authorities.

This order is a directive from the Kashmir Police Department which wants to verify the authenticity of the mobile subscribers before recharging their prepaid accounts. This according to the police department will prevent unauthorized use & misuse of cellphones. The Police even said that they had issued a directive saying maintaining of prepaid account recharge details is mandatory. But retailers hadn't obeyed the directive & went about recharging prepaid mobile accounts.

The Police are more strict now & are seeing to that the order is enforced strictly. As a result, dealers in the capital city of Srinagar refused to recharge prepaid mobile accounts until proper documents verifying the authenticity of the customers are provided.

This has caused a lot of inconvenience especially to the elderly who were seen waiting in long queues to get their prepaid accounts recharged. Earlier Jammu & Kashmir had banned the SMS on prepaid mobile phones.

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