President to Uncover New E-Learning Platform A-VIEW on November 11: How Will it Help the Aakash Tablet Users?

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President to Uncover New E-Learning Platform A-VIEW on November 11: How Will it Help the Aakash Tablet Users?

Pranab Mukherjee, the newly sworn President of India is all set to launch the new e-learning platform ‘A-VIEW’ which is expected to revolutionalize the concept of e-learning. A-VIEW stands for ‘Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World’ and it will be introduced by the President on India in New Delhi on November 11. 

The launch occasion will witness Indian President addressing a huge crowd of students and Faculty members who will be using the Aakash tablet powered by A-VIEW software. The launch is expected to be attended by 14,000 teachers spanning 240 remote centres as part of the workshop on Aakash tablet by IIT Bombay.

Kamal Bijlani, Director, Amrita E-Learning Research Lab, A-VIEW 3.0 stated that the new platform is designed especially for bridging the gap existing between needy students and experienced qualified teachers in the higher education sector in India.

A-VIEW has the reputation of being a collaborative project that was developed under IIT Bombay and ‘Talk to a Teacher’ team by Amrita University. The project was also extensively supported by National Mission on Education through ICT and Ministry of Human Resource Development. 

What is A-VIEW?

E-Learning Research Lab of Amrita University founded by Mata Amritanandamayi has also created a mobile version of A-VIEW for the latest version of the Aakash tablet. The new programme has been designed specifically for working with Aakash tablet for providing and promoting quality education within the Nation. 

It was only as recently as June 2012 when A-VIEW was used for training 10,000 teachers online by IIT Bombay spanning across varied locations. It was known to be one of the biggest online programme ever happened in India. Aakash tablet is considered to be one of the cheapest tablets to be made available for users in India. It was developed as part of a Government initiative for helping students and teachers in gaining the never ending possibilities and leaps in internet and e-learning. Aakash tablet has already received many accolades from Industry analysts and the education sector in India. 

Benefits of A-VIEW

  • A-VIEW Class Room: Open Source E-Learning Tool is build up to connect all universities and colleges of the country free of cost.

  • Adaptive bandwidth usage to ensure optimum quality of service even in rural areas.

  • Multimodal Student-Teacher Interaction: Live two-way audio/video transmission, Crystal Clear Live Document Sharing, Multi Device Compatible White Board and Desktop Sharing.

  • Support single display/multiple display to suit the needs of a single student at a node/large number of students at geographically varied nodes

  • Focuses on the course being offered by premier institutes with support from MHRD for the benefit of other educational institutes.

  • Students can continue learning at their own pace with Recording and Playback Facility and programs like ‘Ask a Question’.

  • Face Recognition, Emotion Tracking, 2D and 3D interaction will become as part of the A-VIEW soon

  • No proprietary/costly hardware is needed. It could be functional with just a standard computer, webcam and a headset. Also, as A-VIEW works on all the major platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Android and soon a Linux version would be available, it gives the user flexibility in terms of Operating System and devices.

  • In absence of infrastructure in rural areas, students can actually get connected via mobile phones to listen to the audio of the lecture. Also quizzes can be answered by students through mobile phones via sms.

  • As MHRD has announced Aakash, a low cost handheld device to be made available to each and every student across the country, each of them could be connected through A-VIEW for a better collaborative learning, in future plan is in place for students to download playback sessions (from colleges/school) through A-VIEW and they can learn from their home even without internet connectivity.

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