Press Information Bureau Unveils Mobile Version of Website for Information on the Move

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Press Information Bureau Unveils Mobile Version of Website for Information on the Move

Press Information Bureau, the official government press agency has announced the launch of the mobile version of its website. The mobile website URL address is The new step forward by the Indian Government is to increase the accessibility of information through mobile platforms. The move is very much beneficial as India is witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of mobile phone users.

The mobile version has slight differences compared to the normal desktop version of the website. The mobile site display is customized to provide latest press releases in the home page itself which is absent in the desktop version of the website.

The mobile website of Press Information Bureau also offers separate links for exploring other important information. The mobile site has also been designed for quicker access which will benefit users with slower internet connections. This is made possible by removing heavy contents such as photos and videos from the home page of the mobile site. But there is a separate ‘Photos’ section which displays only the basic photo gallery page.

As of now, the mobile site content will be displayed only in English where as Hindi and Urdu language versions are expected to be made available in the near future. The Indian Government already has a Mobile Governance Framework which is designed to make the government related websites mobile compliant by means of implementing a ‘One Web’ approach. The government is also planning to come up with an app store that will comprise of apps designed for assisting various aspects of public services. These citizen-specific services through mobile are designed to be of greater help and assistance for the common people in India.

The Press Information Bureau website will feature helpful information on programmes and policies made by the Government of India along with notifications on official events, alerts and announcements. The website is considered to be one of the most popular information websites in India and receives several updates on a single day. The mobile site is sure to be a helpful resource for all web supported mobile phone users in India.

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