Production of Aaksh tablets all set to be stopped

Posted By: Rahul

Production of Aaksh tablets all set to be stopped

Aakash tablet computer which is termed as the world's cheapest and most affordable tablet pc is all set to get the boot in India. According to a recent study, the production of Aakash tablets is all set to be stopped in India. This is attributed to the recent reported snags and the less interactive nature of the Aakash tablet.

Inspite of having an overhyped launch as well as a tremendous opening, the Aakash tablet has failed to cater fully to it's target users i.e the student community of India. As reported earlier, the poor batter backup was the main cause for the Aakash's downfall. The negative wave about the Aakash tablet is also due to the fact that customer service is bad. All these, along with other factors have led to the Aakash tablet being rejected by the Indian users.

The rise of other brands is also attributed to the growing frustration among Indian users. For instance, Reliance India Limited is all set to launch it's newest offering i.e a 4G Tablet PC. This tablet is also cheap and affordable.

Not only Reliance, there are brands which are unheard of in India that are launching tablets that are more better, more user-friendly in comparison to the Aakash.

Reports have also stated that, rival brands after deriving inspiration from the Aakash have started to work on their own versions of tablets and are expected to launch them into the market soon.

Thus, taking into consideration all the above factors, Aakash can be termed as a "Failure In India"

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