Project Glass: Google will Release Real Time Goggles for Consumers by 2014

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Google's much hyped augmented reality project named Project Glass has got a new release date. As per the information coming in, the smartphone in the shape of a pair of wearable glasses will be released by 2014 as against the earlier launch date which was supposed to be sometime next year.

As per the stated design, this pair of glasses will have a small screen on one side in front of your eyes which can read your commands and operate accordingly. Your blinking of the eye, head movements and voice commands could all be used for controlling the smartphone functions including camera. If we can trust the reports which appeared on this most awaited hardware innovation, then we can expect a 100% hands free smartphone that can just look at your eyes and operate accordingly. 

However, as any new technology innovation, the Project Glass has also received some adverse comments from some Critics. They are questioning the health hazard with a Smartphone permanently attached to one’s face. They claim that it could affect the eyesight and users may find it difficult to walk and cross the road while talking or texting with this pair of glasses. Some others also expressed concern that this could lead to 24 hour smartphone addiction. 

However, the supporters of Project Glass have claimed that this is something innovative and will help users in avoiding carrying gadgets around the hand. There are also a group of people in the market who still believe that this would be just a expensive toy than a transformational gadget. 

Whatever may be the case, it will be clear only when the device launches by 2014. It is Google and you can expect what they will finally come up with!

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