Re-birth of Malware, a new threat

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Re-birth of Malware, a new threat

Scientists claim that there have evolved some new malware breeds that can make the computers and other critical infrastructure defenseless from the attacks made by the foreign governments or cyber criminals.

A team of scientists from across the world headed by Murray Brand claims that there is a theoretical attack strategy and it calls for a malware re-birth that will make the already loaded anti-virus software useless by making use of various malware.

The attacker will first make use of a worm to form a group of slave computers and then load a honeypot program that can attack the system and capture the malware available on the internet. This malware that is captured will then be forwarded back to the attacker and then altered in a re-birthing suite as claimed by Brand.

He also mentioned that this process will make the capture malware quite strong and improve its defense against the anti-virus programs with the anti-analysis tools and also be tailoring them to face the attack before that are distributed to the group of systems formed earlier.

Now, the attacker will have a group of advanced and customized malware that is quite difficult for the anti-virus programs to detect. Brand also said that recognizing malware is quite dependent on the analyst who has already gone through and analyzed its behavior and also extracted a signature of identification.

The scientists say that if the malware is not similar to any of the known ones then the anti-virus software may not recognize it until it has disabled itself. The anti-virus programs are already struggling to detect the large volume of the malware that is growing rapidly in the internet. The malware count is expected to reach over 75 million by this year.

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