Reason: Samsung is the next Apple

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Reason: Samsung is the next Apple

For almost every year at CES, there are presentations and booths with some goal or the other. They might aim at creating a better ecosystem for the consumers. Some will show technologies like phone connecting to fridge which can connect to TV in turn. Despite of trying every year these technologies failed.

But now, Samsung and to a particular extent, the other companies have cracked this finally. They have seen Apple, the trend setter running circles around them these many years in various aspects like remote control and media sharing. Unfortunately, for Apple there is a limited range of devices like iPhone, iPod, Mac, iTunes and iPad but for Samsung there is a wide range of devices and a large mobile market.

Samsung is the top most in televisions for the sixth consecutive year selling about two units every second in November. A small fraction of these televisions include the Smart TVs that are emerging right now. The first problem is this is a big trouble for Apple and Google.

Samsung has also become a leader in the cell phone sales selling about 60 million units last year. This is not about the operating system like iOS and Android but about Samsung selling millions of devices to millions of users across the world.

So Samsung has two superlatives here: largest TV manufacturer and largest cell phone manufacturer. Taking into consideration some of the company’s washing machines, tablets and other software, it presents a vibrant ecosystem to you. The coming year will have lot of efforts to have streaming media to home but the one who is there will surely win.

The TVs are consumer electronics and they can be upgraded very rarely and it is almost obsolete. After shopping a TV, you cannot get another one every year and Apple can neither make a new TV each and every year. Samsung’s success is not a sure thing and we can’t predict how it will be when Apple launches the retina display.

But when Samsung makes the smartphones and tablets to interact with Smart TV then there is absolutely no other competition for it. The company manufacturers everything right from PCBs, screen and case for the TV but when Apple wants to start the manufacturing process, it will have to outsource from other companies thereby cannot compete on price.

Will Apple be able to beat the other consumer electronics manufacturers? Definitely as they have done something like this in the past. But the companies like Samsung, LG and Sony have more time to sell the TVs while Apple has to catch with them to do this.

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