Recovering files deleted from your smartphone

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Recovering files deleted from your smartphone

Smartphones of today are capable of handling more external memory. 8 GB and 16 GB have become common and most phones even offer support for about 32 GB of added storage. But this extra memory makes people pile a lot of data in the memory cards. The sad part is that they don't even keep a backup.

What will happen when some really important detail is deleted? It may be a picture that you need the most. It could have been deleted accidentally or could have been misplaced. Unfortunately, the smartphones don't have a recycle bin like the computers to gain access to the deleted files.

Although you cannot do much on your smartphones, wonders can be done using a computer and a free utility software. You can recover lost files within a short time span using this. It is none other than the process that is used by the professional data recovery agents. They use advanced tools to recover and so they charge more.

You will first need a free data recovery software. Recuva is the fastest for the files. However, the files deleted long back need more scanning and is time consuming. Download Recuva from the official link. This is free of cost.

Now install this application on the computer. After installation, the automated wizard will come up. You can either exit to proceed with the stepwise recovery process. If you wish to proceed, click on Next.

The wizard will ask you the type of files you want to recover. Choose between the options and then click on Next. Then the application will ask you for the location of the files. You need to ensure that the memory card is connected to the computer through an external card reader. Now choose specific location. This can also be used to recover files in the internal memory of the device.

After confirming all these details, the software will start the scanning. If you need a file to be recovered after lot of days then you need to wait as a deep can is required for that. It will display the estimated time left for the scanning.

The older the files that require recovery, the lesser are the chances to successfully recover it. The reason for it is that the data is over-written on the media constantly. To obtain better results, recover files as soon as possible.

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