Reducing mobile phone power consumption

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Reducing mobile phone power consumption

Now it is possible to reduce the power consumption of both giant data centers and also small mobile phones. This is feasible with the first systematic study about the power profile. The results of the study show the way to create software and hardware that consume low energy to the manufacturers like Microsoft, Google, Intel and Apple and can be applied to devices of any size.

The power that the mobile phones consume is inversely proportional to the battery life. So if they consume less power, they will have long battery life. When it comes to the large data centers like that of Microsoft and Google, most of the money is actually spent on the power that they draw and not on the hardware.

Without the detailed study on the power profile, the companies are lacking the knowledge on the chip architectures and software. The companies will be able to manage the energy usage effectively once they are aware of these terms.

For instance, when using GPS based applications that are the most expensive ones on the phones in terms of energy, a bas algorithm might make the application consume more energy than it actually needs to perform well. If the developer is capable of analyzing the power profile, then the algorithm can be used to save the energy without any compromise in the functionality.

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