Research on artificial child voice

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Research on artificial child voice

The scientists are working on a unique project in order to create artificial child voice. A team of scientists at Media LT which is a company that develops tools for assisting the disabled people and Lingit which is a software company says that it is working on the first synthesized child voice.

The research involves the conversion of the master voice to a comprehensible child voice. A master voice is a product that combines three to four adult speakers who record thousands of phrases. Then a child will read a small number of those phrases loudly and it will be recorded.

The recording is used by the researchers to modify the master voice and make it sound similar to the child's voice. The master voice will have the intonation that is the melody of the phrase and the result will have unusual speech skills that is better than the adult's voice.

All are in place to commence the testing of the trial versions and the beta version will be available in summer.

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