RIM to offer prototype BlackBerry 10 device

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RIM to offer prototype BlackBerry 10 device

RIM plans to offer the developers a prototype device based on Blackberry 10. This step is to help the developers to design apps for the future smartphones that will be using this operating system. This software is running the PlayBook tablet.

The company has clearly mentioned that this prototype device is not a commercial device based on BlackBerry 10. The devices powered by this platform will be launched later this year. These devices are expected to create excitement among the developers as there is an overhauled operating system.

Alex Kinsella, the social media manager of RIM announced that this is not the final hardware of the OS. He made it clear that this device is only for the developers to be prepared to what's coming. RIM has actually tried hard to match with the massive apps that are available on Apple and Android devices.

The company is starting a new and fresh look with the PlayBook and the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The prototype device is called BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. It will be given to those developers attending the annual BlackBerry World Conference of RIM in Florida in May.

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