RIM to provide security features on Android and iPhone

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RIM to provide security features on Android and iPhone

RIM, the maker of Blackberry is now seeking to attract many companies by releasing a new security tool to the smartphones manufactured by others like the iPhone. Yesterday, the company has announced that it will release a new software for device management known as Mobile Fusion during the first quarter of the next year.

This software will allow the corporates to compose and monitor the rules for the apps, software and passwords on a selected range of devices along with iPhone and iPad from Apple and the smartphones that make use of the Google Android platform. This software lets a company to wipe or lock a stolen or lost device remotely and is a key point of sales among the corporations that are conscious about security.

As per the sources, the vice president of RIM feels happy about becoming a de-facto platform to the others as it is the one that the company's enterprise customers were seeking for. He has also stated that the company will occupy the complete advantage of the security abilities that are offered by the operating system.

Blackberry from RIM is there in the field for so many years and it is the preferred device for the government and business agencies who protect the encrypted data and also distribute the device among millions of employees who require highly secure and 24 hours access to emails. Recently the employees prefer to use their own smartphones for these purposes and raise some security issues regarding the new software to RIM.

The Mobile Fusion software is still next to the Blackberry Enterprise software that is existing and the recent software is capable of managing the PlayBook from Blackberry independently. The tablet needs to get more traction from the consumer or the business clients and is due to receive a software update in the month of February 2012.

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