RIM unveils minor upgrades to PlayBook 2.0

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RIM unveils minor upgrades to PlayBook 2.0


RIM exhibited a major update for the QNX based software that runs on the poor selling Blackberry PlayBook tablet. The company has unveiled some minor upgrades to the Blackberry phone software. Both these took place at the CES 2012.

Last month, RIM delayed the launch of the next generation handsets that make use of the QNX software. This was widely seen like a make or break overhaul for RIM which dominated the smartphone field once.

RIM mentioned that the delay was required for it to make use of the powerful and energy efficient chipsets that will arrive in the middle of this year. These chipsets will enable the phones to operate on the high-speed networks with the LTE technology.

The carriers in US are racing hard to built their LTE networks and promote the devices heavily so that they can handle this emerging technology.

The PlayBook 2.0 software has built in calendar, email and phone book functions and also the ability to have the Android apps. The tablet was released in April 2011 with scathing reviews that complain about its failure in handling emails and other features that are associated with the smartphones of the company.

One of the upgrade adds a video store that has over thousand films and TV shows for rent as well as purchase. When the tablet is paired with a Blackberry smartphone, the phone will act as a remote control, keyboard or trackpad.

The time when it will be made available to the public is still not announced by RIM but we can expect it next month. The other upgrade is the Android advance which will the impressive feature for the consumers and it will be in the future phones of RIM.

The upgrade of the smartphone software to the version 7.1 adds a new function called the Blackberry Tag which allows two NFC equipped Blackberry phones to share the information and the content by tapping together.

This upgrade also makes a Blackberry smartphone to be a mobile hotspot enabling it to share the internet connectivity with about 5 devices which includes even tablets and laptops.

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