Robotic Seals help to ease emotions

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Robotic Seals help to ease emotions

Technology plays a major role in our society this is especially the case with the gadgets. These devices are not only for the connectivity and convenience but also to eradicate loneliness and serve sensitive and emotional purposes. This concept is being used in Japan and you will surely be fascinated reading about it.

Babyloid is an interactive robot that is designed to help the people to relieve depression. This is meant especially for the lonely senior citizens. Before this, there were other devices like a kiss transmission one and the robotic guide dog.

Now, it is time for Paro, a fluffy seal that helps to ease the pain of those who survived the major tsunami in Japan, last year. Paro is given to the adults and children who are in temporary homes that are created inside the baseball stadium in the town that was hit by the tsunami in March 2011 which killed over 19,000 people.

This robotic seal offers the much needed affection to them with the burbling noises and flapping its fins when it is in contact with people which is quite appreciative. This seal has tactile as well as audio sensors with which it works. It seems to have really great impacts on the victims.

It is exciting and unbelievable to see a robot playing a major role in mental health. This device helps in the healing process. This robotic seal was in development right from 2007 but it the first time that is used in wide range. The question is are that are these of real help to the humanity?

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