Samsung 8 core big.Little Processor Pegged for 2013 Release

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Samsung 8 core big.Little Processor Pegged for 2013 Release

Rumors are rife that at International Solid State Circuit Conference next year in February, Samsung is expected to put forward its new 8 core, a combination of equal numbers of high power clusters of Cortex-A15 cores with Cortex-A7 cores( on the same lines as Nvidia’s fifth core in processor Tegra 3) which deliver low power. According to EETimes, this chipset will be the first to use the big.Little technology of ARM.

The chipset that might be released by Korean company can switch between the high power and low power clusters based on the load applied which will result in an efficient mobile experience as well as balanced battery life. The low power Quad core Cortex A7 clusters has a speed of 1.2 GHz per core is expected to deliver the performance of Cortex A8 core (if it existed), used for common tasks which do not require maximum performance. 

On the other hand, each of the Quad Cortex A15 core cluster, is expected to run at 1.8 GHz and will have a cache memory L2 of 2 MB. The four A15 cores will provide a significant advantage over the A15 duo present in the Nexus 10. These clusters come into play when higher performance is required especially for games, browsing etc. where speed and performance matter. This chipset can be useful with high-speed connections, when an ordinary processor becomes a nuisance rather than a boon. 

Even though there are plenty of rumors abound that the chipset will be first featured in Galaxy S IV, it is likely to be incorporated in tablets first. 

Source: EETimes,GSMArena

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