Samsung becomes top mobile phone manufacturer in US

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According to ComScore"s survey, the South Korean electronics giant, Samsung, has taken the lead as the top mobile phone manufacturer in the U.S. market with Applefalling second. In the last quarter which ended in October, Samsung had a market share of 26.3% which was actually an increase from 25.6% observed in the previous period.

Apple had a share of 17.8% which shows an increase of 1.5% from the previous statistics. Apple, moved up to the second position for the first time, who only offers smartphones in the market. Another South Korean manufacturer, LGis ranked third in the report, with a market share of 17.6% with Motorola having a share of around 11%.

Samsung becomes top mobile phone manufacturer in US

Google"s Androidplatform took a leap as the most sought after platform with a market share of 53.6% which increased from 52.2% in the previous period. iOS platform, designed for iPhones by Apple, gained 0.9% points from the previous period to reach a market share of 34.3% and ranked second among the platforms, according to the report.

The market was not at all favorable to Blackberrywith its maker Research In Motion seeing its shares slipping from 9.5% to 7.5% in the given three month period. Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft was released in late October. The company saw its shares go down from 3.6% to 3.2%. in spite of that.

The survey largely encompassing the U.S. market found out that the number of people owning smartphones in the country amounted to 121.3 million. This figure forms 51.9 % of the total mobile market in the U.S. 

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